Garage House

DJ Fauch on Vision Radio

A bit noisy at times due to unfavourable atmospheric conditions on the day but worth the upload nonetheless.

Jungle Old School

Unknown DJ on Intent Live (Jungle)

Pure fire of a jungle set! Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the name of the DJ despite scanning the recording several times in the hope of hearing it announced. If anyone knows who did this mix, please drop me a line in the comments or on Twitter.

Reggae Roots Vintage

Cornell Campbell on RJR

RJR is one of the most difficult pirate stations to catch in London because of its proximity to BBC Radio One, which is so wide on the FM dial that it bleeds heavily onto this station’s frequency. Most of the time it’s impossible to receive RJR’s signal without some distortion. However, I managed to make a one hour recording when this interference seemed minimal. Sadly this recording doesn’t contain Cornell Campbell’s full show but that reminds me of a time when most tapes were 45 minutes on each side so you couldn’t record a complete two-hour set onto a single tape.

Dub Reggae Vintage

Wassie One on Venture FM

Connoisseur Thursdays + Toots Hibbert special.

2 Step UK Garage

Dweller on Project London

Again, slight crackles on this set, due to Kiss FM 106.4 from Ipswich anomalously reaching London on the day and adding interference.

2 Step Bass UK Garage

Esspee on Project London

Slight crackles on this set, as owing to freakish radio propagation conditions, Kiss FM 106.4 from Ipswich was reaching London and adding some interference to part of the signal.

Drum & Bass

Rude FM 88.2: one of the final transmissions on FM

Recorded this set at the end of April on Rude FM’s legendary frequency of 88.2, which they had held onto since June 1998 (after moving from the 104.3 spot that they had started out on in 1992). The station went off the air shortly after this recording was made and now the frequency is occupied by a Turkish pirate called Dost FM, so one can probably say that this is the end of an era! No DJ ID on this set, unfortunately.

Cuban Latin

DJ Afrogrooves on Back2Back FM

Dub Reggae Roots Vintage

Sugar B on Venture FM