Amens Drum & Bass Jungle

B-Key on Rude FM (Rebroadcast)

While Rude FM are filling up their weekly live DJ schedule – having just returned to the airwaves – they can often be heard playing classic sets from previous years. This is one such set, recorded several years ago, and is definitely not for the faint-hearted: lots of finely chopped up amen breaks intertwined with cold atmospheric pads and heavy basslines. This is the signature style of B-Key, who has been a DJ on Rude FM since 1996.

Drum & Bass Liquid

Double RG on Flex FM

Hardcore Jungle Old School

Daz on Rude FM

Back in September 2020 I posted what I thought was one of the last transmissions by Rude FM on the dial. It felt like Rude weren’t coming back onto the airwaves because their frequency was promptly occupied by a Turkish pirate called Dost FM. So imagine my complete surprise (and total delight!) when I heard them back on the air today, on their new frequency of 88.6. Readers of my other blog will know that I was their regular listener in the 90s, so their return is of a special significance for me. I hope you enjoy this set by Daz, recorded earlier today.

80s Acid House Hardcore Old School

Acid House Selection on Divine Radio

Summertime vibes on this mix.