Hardcore Jungle Tekno Old School

Professor T on Playback UK

This is a great show covering some of the lesser known tracks from the cusp of UK hardcore becoming jungle. There is more commentary on this recording than usual but for me this adds to the fun of the show, as Professor T shares his memories associated with the music he plays.

Jungle Old School

Platform 2 Crew on Playback UK

This show was recorded on June 30th, 2020.

80s Acid House Old School

Richie Stylist on Playback UK

A bit of feedback on this recording that gets more noticeable towards the end, uploading it because of the quality acid house selection and it being a live breakfast show.

2 Step Garage UK Garage

50th Post & One Year Anniversary: UK Garage on Playback UK

Today marks one year since The London FM Dial Project came into existence and, coincidentally, this is also our 50th post.

UK Garage

Unknown DJ on Playback UK